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UnTitledRTS 24.01.2001

Applying MapEdit's maps to UnTitledRTS. You need new source pack and will place 3 tile sets from Map Edit to ...\Graphics\Bmp\ . 

Site News. 21.01.2001

Russian site version support opened. CDROM products support added (Russian only ).

Map Edit 16.01.2001

Tile based map Part1 tutorial and Bit manipulation demo for Map Edit tutorials added.

Map Edit 14.01.2001

Drawing bug fixed. 'Save' & 'Open' added. Tutorial and applying for the UnTitledRTS will coming soon.

Map Edit 11.01.2001

First release. Correct drawing only for low to hi tile order (water - tree ) or  from hi to low for closest tile type only. No 'Save' & 'Load' yet.

UnTitledRTS 05.11.00

Project file structure changed for support low connection speed.  Downloads section changed.  See project  structure for more information. If you already have old Graphics and Sound Packs you need only remove it in current place and also you need new source pack. Now graphics can be added via *.dxg, *.bmp or *.jpg files. Sounds also can be added via *.dxw, or  *.wav. But new *.dxw and *.dxg now not supported for download. You can make it yourself i.e. project support it.

UnTitledRTS 30.10.00

1.  Project renamed.  Sprite destroying added. New graphics and sound  added.

MagicWar 28.10.00

1.  Enemy sprite, Watch for Enemy and Attack  added.


MagicWar 22.10.00

1. Now the only changes in original Hori's code is in TDXSprite:

 //FSurfaceRect := Surface.ClientRect;
FSurfaceRect :=Rect(0,0,446,480);

2. Pattern sprite order was altered - it give very simple code for sprite direction changing. 

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